Incremental Encoder Engineer interview

I was featured in an interview with EEweb.


Jim Miller – Application and Design Engineer at Quantum Devices

How did you get into electronics/ engineering and when did you start?

I started when I was pretty young, like nine or ten, taking apart radios and using an old wood-burning tool to desolder components from the circuit boards I scavanged. I would pick up anything that was broken or being thrown out and tear it apart. I had no idea what I was doing but eventually stumbled onto some of the “Engineers Notebooks” that Forrest M. Mims III wrote for Radio Shack, those gave me the knowledge I was missing. Before long I was able to blow fuses out in the house on a regular basis. I have come a long way since then – we now have circuit breakers.

Can you tell us about your work experience/ history before becoming an Applications Design Engineer at Quantum Devices?

I have mainly worked with Industrial controls for Food & Beverage, and Pharmaceutical companies, which always includes quite a bit of PLC Programming. That is why you will see a bit of Ladder Logic in with some of the Quantum Devices Blog posts that I do. While I predominantly work with discrete electronics today, the industrial controls experience dovetails nicely with our Optical Encoder lines. Encoders are used on the back of motor and often in industrial applications, so I am able to better understand the way an end user might be trying to implement a design, and to some extend the way they might think.

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About Quantum Devices Inc.
Quantum Devices, Inc. (QDI) Barneveld, WI, was established as a Wisconsin corporation in October 1989, as an outgrowth of activities in the general area of optoelectronics. The main goal of QDI is to provide customers with a complete source for all stages of product design and development, starting from concept to a marketable commodity. These products include application specific Silicon Photodiodes, Optical Encoders and Light Emitting Diodes (LED) for commercial, industrial and medical applications. QDI's photodiodes and LED's are used in instrumentation for photosynthesis and photobiological research, biomedical and medical instrumentation for measuring blood sugar levels (glucometer), oxyhemoglobin and pulse rate (pulse oxymeter). One of the most dramatic products developed at QDI was the application of LED lighting systems for use as the light source for Photodynamic Therapy (PDT). Sales of QDI products include both domestic and international markets. Quality and reliability are very important concepts in maintaining our company wide commitment to overall product performance. Quality simply means continuous process improvement. We are committed to continually increasing our product excellence through increased quality and reliability. Quantum Devices, Inc. is ISO 9001 certified and the ISO Standard will provide the guidance for the vital function of maintaining our commitment to constantly improve our product quality. Quantum Devices is now proud to introduce it's new line of rotary encoders. Incorporating QDI's patented sensor technology, our QPhase™ Family of Encoders feature high resolution, increased frequency response and superior reliability over temperature (0 to 120 degrees C). QDI incremental and absolute encoders set a new standard and are backed by a 2 year factory warranty. We invite you to request an evaluation unit, additional information or price quotations. Mission Statement Quantum Devices is dedicated to the principle that light provides the power for all life on earth. We believe the quality, delivery and control of light is essential to the wellness of man and his advancement into the future.

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